National Center for Performance Health Launches Innovative Emotional Vaccines® Program to Support Resiliency Among First Responders at Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Tampa, FL (March 30, 2021) – As part of a training partnership with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the National Center for Performance Health (NCPH) launches the first-of-its-kind Emotional Vaccines® program supporting the well-being and resiliency of law enforcement professionals.

Job related stress and burnout are topics that concern leaders of public safety organizations throughout the country. Like vaccines for physical conditions, Emotional Vaccines® are a preventive measure for proactive self-care. Emotional Vaccines® use low intensity, professional guidance to improve self-care which leads to a healthier mental state for individuals and their families.

According to the doctor behind the Emotional Vaccines® program, Rahul N. Mehra, M.D., CEO and Chief Physician Executive for NCPH, there’s never been a more critical time to support the emotional well-being of our first responders. “Since the new year, the Tampa Bay area law enforcement community has seen three line of duty deaths. Add to that, the increased stress brought on by the pandemic and other societal challenges and it’s only natural to have first responders that may be in need of support.” Dr. Mehra adds, “By delivering Emotional Vaccines® through a series of brief, physician-developed video messages delivered via email or text, we’re able to provide effortless, proactive rather than reactive support.”

A staunch supporter of mental health and wellness programs for his teams, Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco understands the importance of stress management. “We live in turbulent times and our officers are under tremendous pressure on a daily basis. It’s our job as their leaders to not only recognize this challenge, but to provide the best available tools to manage it.” Nocco continues, “In 2019, we launched the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Human Performance, Leadership Development and Resiliency Programs which includes tools from NCPH. We’ve received very positive feedback on the program’s content and we believe it’s making a difference in the lives of our officers and their families.”

About National Center for Performance Health
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Dennis Hartin
National Center for Performance Health

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