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New Life Village Graphic Foster Care Statistics Nationally

Innovative Program at New Life Village to Foster Emotional Strength and Support Families

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Weekly videos will be provided to families in this unique Hillsborough County community to help them build resilience and support thriving futures. Tampa, FL – March 20, 2024  Emotional Vaccines® is proud to announce its partnership with New Life Village, a one-of-a-kind community in Hillsborough County for families raising foster-to-permanency, kinship and […]

TAMPA, FL (December 13, 2023) – Tampa based behavioral health expert Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. will be featured on an upcoming episode of the nationally recognized “Dr. Drew” podcast to discuss one of the most prevalent topics in the world right now, mental health. Each year, one in four adults is diagnosed with a mental […]

A Conversation with Dr. Rahul Mehra – USF Health Podcast EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode of “Healthcare Superteams,” Dr. Haru Okuda engages in a profound discussion with Dr. Rahul Mehra, who serves as the CEO and Chief Physician Executive of the National Center for Performance Health. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Mehra introduces the groundbreaking […]

Dr. Rahul Mehra is Keynote Speaker at Behavioral Health and Wellness Forum GREENVILLE, S.C. (November 13, 2023) – Behavioral health expert and renowned child psychiatrist, Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. (Photo Attached), is the medical keynote speaker at the Upstate Behavioral Health and Wellness Forum, today November 13, 2023, in Greenville, SC, co-sponsored by Prisma Health and […]

Rahul Mehra and Titus O'Neil winning the Philanthropic Lifetime Achievement Award from Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine

TAMPA, FL (November 8, 2023) – Tampa Bay Business & Wealth has honored Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. with the 2023 Philanthropist of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award for his service and commitment to rethinking our approach to mental health.   Mehra created and founded Emotional Vaccines®, a company that produces physician-led videos providing coaching and […]

Health care professionals are often taught to be reactive in treating their patients, rather than proactive. In terms of mental health, it is important to think about prevention, to help minimize the potential dangers that come along with mental health disorders. Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. of National Center for Performance Health shared his perspective of […]

While more than 50 percent of employed Americans are working from home it may becoming obvious to you that your work life and personal life are becoming more connected. This has important implications for your happiness at work because it is important. No longer can you think of your “work life” and “personal life” as […]

You might be asking yourself, what are Emotional Vaccines®? The world is currently grappling with a mental health crisis of unprecedented proportions. Overdose deaths, suicides, and childhood traumas are on the rise, magnified by a shortage of mental health providers. While much attention has been directed towards understanding and addressing these issues, there is an […]

Tampa, FL (March 30, 2021) – As part of a training partnership with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the National Center for Performance Health (NCPH) launches the first-of-its-kind Emotional Vaccines® program supporting the well-being and resiliency of law enforcement professionals. Job related stress and burnout are topics that concern leaders of public safety organizations throughout the […]

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