Enhancing Resilience Through Performance Health: A Conversation with Dr. Rahul Mehra – USF Health Healthcare Superteams Podcast

A Conversation with Dr. Rahul Mehra – USF Health Podcast


In this episode of “Healthcare Superteams,” Dr. Haru Okuda engages in a profound discussion with Dr. Rahul Mehra, who serves as the CEO and Chief Physician Executive of the National Center for Performance Health. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Mehra introduces the groundbreaking concept of “emotional vaccines”, delves into the critical importance of emotional resilience, the need to confront and dispel stigma and the promotion of open dialogues. Dr. Mehra’s solutions bring a ray of hope and optimism to professionals and parents alike, offering a path towards a brighter future.


For more information on the National Center for Performance Health, visit https://www.nationalcph.com

For more information on Dr. Haru Okuda, visit https://camls-us.org/about/leadership/

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