Disrupt the Bay August 7, 2020

Health care professionals are often taught to be reactive in treating their patients, rather than proactive. In terms of mental health, it is important to think about prevention, to help minimize the potential dangers that come along with mental health disorders. Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. of National Center for Performance Health shared his perspective of mental health awareness at the Disrupt the Bay’s virtual event on August 7th.

Dr. Mehra is passionate about the impact education and conversations can have on the improvement of mental health treatments. Raising the topic of mental health in schools and work is important, although it may seem difficult. To those who may be wondering how to start a conversation about mental health, simply asking the phrase, “are you feeling stressed or anxious?” can start an open and honest discussion, free of judgement. Social media has also become a place of stress for a lot of people, so Dr. Mehra also suggests to chill out, and turn social media off. We should have no more exposure than 15 minutes of social media or the news each day, to help eliminate stress, especially in times during a pandemic. While it is important to be educated, we also need to be mindful of our sources and its impact on our mental health. When parents stress out about the media, it can trickle down on their children, causing them to be stressed as well. It is important to approach situations with positive thoughts, and think in a problem-solving mindset.

There are new medications and treatments being brought into our community, which have allowed an easier access to care. Technology advancements have helped telemedicine gain traction, and has been used by more patients, especially during the pandemic. But, Dr. Mehra believes that we should address the lack of mental health awareness in our community, particularly education about suicide to help as many people as possible who may be suffering with mental health disorders in our community. Dr. Mehra works closely with the Children’s Home Network, and finds other opportunities in the community to help out when it is needed, such as work with the Pasco County Sheriff office by training senior leadership on mental health topics.

In times of E-Learning, it is important for parents to understand the impact of social isolation, especially for their children. Social connection should be a priority, while following the CDC guidelines and social distancing— video calls, parking lots, or social distancing outdoors can be a great way to continue social interaction while staying healthy at the same time.

Mental health impacts everyone, and it is important to bring awareness to our Tampa community. Give a family member or friend a phone call who you have not talked to in a while, check-in, and re-connect. We are all in this together, and it is important to never forget that.



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