Wellness for Educators, Youth Services Organizations and Families

Our video subscription is for supporting families and communities to help kids establish and navigate safe, healthy boundaries that will help kids lead healthier, happier lives.

Wellness for Employers

Our corporate video subscriptions feature easy-to-follow steps and positive messages to help teams perform at their highest levels in a non-threatening, non-clinical, and non-judgmental way.

Wellness for Individuals

Individual video subscriptions are also available to provide adults and parents with simple reminders and tools to minimize the impacts of growing stress and anxiety.

The “Restoring Hope and Resiliency” graphic demonstrates how and why the positioning of Emotional Vaccines® in strategic partnerships with community-based organizations is the critical first step in preventing the mental health crisis. This innovative but practical process already leads to meaningful stigma reduction by normalizing conversations about everyday life challenges. If daily life challenges can be effectively offset early with non-threatening, science-based knowledge, this can lower the risk of future serious consequences. Emotional Vaccines® are disrupting the deeply held beliefs that the existing reactive treatment models are the only viable solution. Our Emotional Vaccines® team provides a first-ever, easily scalable public health strategy to empower prevention that can impact all lives. Emotional Vaccines® distributes its content through existing, familiar, and trusted organizations known to individuals and families.

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