Emotional Vaccines® Launches Innovative Program at New Life Village to Foster Emotional Strength and Support Families


Weekly videos will be provided to families in this unique Hillsborough County community to help them build resilience and support thriving futures. Tampa, FL – March 20, 2024 

Emotional Vaccines® is proud to announce its partnership with New Life Village, a one-of-a-kind community in Hillsborough County for families raising foster-to-permanency, kinship and adoptive children. This groundbreaking initiative aims to equip New Life Village residents with the tools and knowledge necessary to cultivate emotional resilience, build strong connections, and thrive as individuals and families.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with New Life Village and introduce our Emotional Vaccines™ program to their unique community,” said Rahul N. Mehra, MD, CEO and founder of Emotional Vaccines® “Our mission is to proactively nurture resilience and empower people to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease. This partnership allows us to bring our expertise directly to these families.”

The Emotional Vaccines® program at New Life Village will focus on providing residents with engaging educational resources, interactive activities, and a supportive environment that encourages personal growth and social cohesion. Weekly videos and community events will cover crucial topics such as stress management, effective communication, and healthy relationship-building.

“We are excited to bring such a practical and relevant resource to our onsite program for our families who have been affected by many traumas and hardships,” said Mariah Hayden, Executive Director of New Life Village.

“Our community of lifelong learners is excited to proactively engage with this intentional content in the continued effort of prevention negative outcomes associated with children impact by foster care,” said Natalie Gomez, Program Director of New Life Village.

This week, residents received the first “Wellness Blast” containing resilience-building content, initiating the now weekly practice.

Throughout the New Life Village community, designated “Wellness Corners” will also be established, complete with engaging signage and access to the program’s digital resources, encouraging residents to explore and participate in comfortable settings.

“We believe that by proactively fostering emotional resilience and strong social bonds, we can empower families to navigate challenges, find fulfillment, and truly thrive,” added Mehra. “Our partnership with New Life Village represents a significant step toward creating a model resilient community.”

For more information about the Emotional Vaccines™ program, please visit emotionalvaccines.com.

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